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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 5, 2009 2:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> i used to sit hanging out and from the cold and reading. barnes and noble has a special place in my heart. when i had the opportunity to have c-span tape than ent, i was very grateful for letting us
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come. without further adieu, this book that you see, "triple cross"s the third book. i started the series literally two days after 9/11. my son went to hagh school with the two people from ground zero. i certainly thereafter, ronnie perished on the 78th floor. because i met him several years earlier, that was my one personal connection to the trade center. i'd been writing fiction for like ten years. how did this happen, and could it happen again? like any american, i was asking these questions. i decided to go back and literally put one foot in front of the other and try to figure it out.
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this wasn't thereatest intellence failure since pearl harbor, it was the greates since the trojan horse. how can the $40 billion a year intelligence budget for all of the years leading up did this happen? there was five intelligence agencies, cia,fdi, and the state department has one. the only one that the citizen like me can audit or investigate or look into was the fbi. particularly because the war on terror, the war on terror was really conducted as a seriesf legal cases. vestigated by the two, what we call bin laden officers of orig, the new york office of fbi, known as the n.y.o., and
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the office of the u. attorney, sdny. these agencies, the bureau, this is the biggest office outside of washington. this is the best of the best. the original task force was set up in this office. the fdny has produced prosecutor, rudy joule ganny, and patrick fitzgerald, what was the most successful and powerful prosecutor in america. so this incredible office produced these people. we're not talking the wichita, or the keokuk, iowa office. this was the best of the best. how was it the operation in new york and we're on the radar. 20 years ago we re taking this event in july of '09 how was is that these two
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offices missed so many opportunities on the chart to get the al qae juggernaut as it raced toward 9/11. next, what i wanted to find out as a citizen, and guess what, most americans still want to know. because ladies and gentlemen, 9/11 is cold case. effectively the greatest mass murder in history is still unsolved. osama bin laden has never been found, he'll never been brought to justice in any sense of the way. we still don't know. so i've stayed on this story through a lot of thick and thin. as you'll hear in a few minutes. in this book, triple -- "triple
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cross" is the third of the series. you will see ali mohammed on the front. he was part of the unit that succeeded and infiltrated the cia in the sense that he was used as a -- supposedly blew his cover, g put on the u.s. watch list, got into twa flight into america. on the flight, he meets linda sanchez who's coming back from freak. and ali is a study. when he ended up coming back from the war, we're talking push up on the fingers, he meets this women on the plane, seduces her, and getsarried. now he enlists in the u.s. army. is is a radical exegyptian
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my commando. so radical that president hew para threw this guy out of the army. and he approached the cia, gets into america, and now he's at where? north carolina, the john f. kennedy special warfare school, and one of the top officers train there, on the weekend he's coming up on new york. i'll get to those details in a minute. i also found that from 1992 on he's an informant for the fbi, he's crossing the fbi, cia, and the fda. why is patrick fitzgerd part of this story? 's as i said one of the most
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successful and important prosecutor in america. he recently as you know indicated governor blagojevich. he convicted a number of response monsters and terrorists, he has a fantastic record. i applaud all of the good things he has done as i began to tell the story, i found some things about what patrick fitzgerald did in the southern district which was questionable. i tried to interview him twice, he turned me down. so when i reported "triple cross" when is cameut i hard cover, the story it said how al qaeda's masters infiltrated or why and how patrick fzgerald
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failed to stop him. the book came out and it was relatively successful. 11 months later we're ready ready to move on. he sends the first of 4 letters. he sent 32 pages threatening to sue for libel, literally asking the bo and the hard cover editions be removed and destroyed and the paperback never see the light of day. he had his post office box in chicago, but it was patrick fitzgerald. harpercollins after the first letter was sent they rejected him. i had one minor error in this book. it had t do with the misdating of msnbc which to this day is still misstated. the book of 604, 420 end notes,
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32 pages, clearly researched. and we said don't worry we'll make tt chae. and harpercollins called my book undaunted. the man that was a relentless prosecutor. this time is 16 panels. look at the shop. he faxes it from the u.s. attorney's oice in chicago as if to make it clear, even though hesping it and, there's no doubt that this was an effor to chill my publisher. what is chill? a chilling effect. you'll see later i did a piece for playboy. by the way, they do ha articles in "playboy." i did a piece that is called the chilling effect. and in the law -- i have a law degree, i'll talk about that later, a chilling effect is an effort bring the government
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official to make an action that effectively intimidated someone in the media. and i consider personally what he didy sending theecond threaten letter from the u.s. attorney an attempt to chill. out of an abundance of caution and because of what it was, we decided to go back and reinvent the entire book. every single fact in this book was checkednd rechecked. and it took 14 months. and strategyically, it was a brilliant move. because he took me off the story. i was working on my fourth book. i had to delay the book. the book is a year over due. 14 months we went back and checked. my publisher decided of course the book was bullet proof. yet, he sent another letter. d his fourth letter, as recently two weeks before the book will come out. and he actually said, i want to hold this up.
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this book is so heavy you can use it to press your shirts. it weighs three and a half pounds. there are some pages that have 10 separate end notes. many of them are material from the fbi file, there's even a six-page acclamation. i'm not just throwing cartoons in. and patrick fitzgerald called this book, the entire book, a deliberate limas question raiding of the truth. how can aone can a book like this, the whole book is lie? and he said if you publish this book and it defames me or holds me to false light, harpercollins will be sd. that's pretty strong. we published the bk. and we had a press conference at the national press club. mal retook this video.
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and we had many first amendment advocates an people on the left and the right supported our right to publish this book. and yet this past week i wrote a piece for the book on their home page. and basically what i'm saying is mr. fitzgerald, in your threat to sue, bring it. the book has been out for four weeks. my contention that you didn't have a suit to begin with. you didn't have one tn, you don't have one now. one of the things i'm going to say is patrick, come here in c-span, any church, debate me and talk about this issue, i'm happy to do that with you at any time. but to use the civil libel laws as a government official to try to rress a book i find regnant and something that's
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below the kind of prosecutor you are and the great work you've don for america what i'm saying to you four weeks after the publication, you said if you book comes out and it defames you, you will sue. why don't you file a complaint and back off and apologize. and i'm happy to accept your apology. why would patrick fitzgerald -- this is the introction. you have to say to yourself, and again n pages of lters. why would a mannen the level of patrick fitzgerald, u.s. attorney, and prosecutor for the cia leak case. he's the man responsible for getting judith miller in jail. he also subpoenaed her cell phone records and got cell phone records. to me this is his third enuragement on the first amendment. why would he care? in peter lance's book was
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meaningly or some crazy conspiracy theory, why would a man of his level bother? well, people watching this at home, you can ask yourself, you'll have an answer for why he didn't want this book to see the light of day. ali mohammed, there are few figures in the history of radical to match ali. okay? in my first book, but before i get to that, let me mention in any great war or military combat, and we have a friend of mine who's a distinguished navy veteran. and my father was the navy chief, i'm proud to say. in any great war you need two things. operations and intelligence. you need somebody on the ground blowing things up, and you need spies to figure out what the other side knows so can you beat your enemies. okay?
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so ali mohamed filled the role. okay? but the j3, the operational director, it was filled by ahmed usha. in the fst book and in the ddle of the "triple cross" i was a little golden bkf terror. it begins with the murder of sue dad and takes you through the present day. some of it is updated as recently as april. this timeline, go to viewer tv isot policy phased. right? who would watch c-span and not
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be able to do two or three things at once. and download my time line so you can scroll through as we're going through the story. now, remember i told you that j2 directed intelligence ali mohamed. this is his want poster. i called him the motzart of terror. his uncle is the man the fbi calls the master mine of 9/11. th is the picture often referred to when he was captured in 2003. as you kw he's one of the high-valued detainees down in guantanamo. he is the man the fbi says is responble. what i sd in my book, 1,000 years for revenge, and i used a
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civil standard, i proved to the nephew conceived as missiles fly and was perfecting it in 1995. 2973 deaths, as i said, 9/11 is a cold case. now as you c see at one point admitted to both involment i the original world trade center and 9/11. but ali mohamed as i began to fill in the dots, i began to say you're going to see incredible confidence by the fbi by these two bin laden officers. you start to say how could the best of the best make so many mistakes. one morning i woke up a thousand years in cover. i had this epiphany. i said if i can go back and figure out who he is, maybe i can answer the question of how
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many thing happened. why should we care? very important question to ask. the 9/11 commission. we have this sense as americans that the 9/11 commission did a great job and told us the truth. the book became nominated, guess what, my second book, "coverup" went into this was the fbi, cia, in the white house. the very foxes in guarded the chicken coop. they decid earlyn they would not find anyone accountable. why is that surprising? half of the staff are the people that should have been held accountable. one of them is mr. sll. i wrote my second book, half of it analysis. i had a source on the commission who i'd meet with like once a week. heold me peter they are cherry picking the evidence. this isn't a political thing. they are pushing the analysis
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forward from '98 on. they don't want to go back to brooklyn, they don't want to go back to the original world trade center bombing. they are focusing forward. the guy was ready it quit. i encouraged him to stay on the inside. he was a very important source for me. the jersey girls, the four original jersey girls, and then monica gave bring yell, just this incredible women who died. these six women almost sing is the handily got the 9/11 commission to come into being. they took my book and he is the one responsible for me testifying before the commission. i go back to why should we care? those of you who very delayed at the airport, you can't -- you can only te so many liquids.
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you know why? that's not notng to do the shoe bomber, you're going to hear why. the fact that you can't carry liquids, you have to take your shoes off. romsi usha. omar abdel-rahman. he's the islamic leader. but he's also responsible for the 1993, excuse me for the wha was the -- what was called the day of terror plot. the plot to blow up the bridges and tunnels into aman halt tan. the embassy bombings in 1999. even though he was in jail by 1993 himself. the col bombing.
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when bin laden issued his famous cold bombing, this how important he is. and literally within days of the 9/11 attacks the taliban offered to exchange fromhe chrisan missionaries. this is how the blind shake works through this story like a hot circuit cable. remember the presidential briefing? it mentioned a plot to hijack the plane. and you are going to hear tonight that the fbi got that informatioin 1996 from a mafia informant in a cell and they buried it. they discredited that evidence. it was considered so important that it showed up in a daily briefing for the president. ali mohamed, they make reference in the same. now, when i told you we're going to go back. you can't do or tell this story
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nor could the 9/11 commission fairly judged without going back 20 years. we're now july 2009. i take you back 20 years. you see the picture on the screen and the upper left corner, this is the surveillance photo. on four weekends in july of 1989, the special operation groups of the fbi, the number one blackjack operation, blackjack unit, the guys that got john, okay? they follow m.e. which is middle eastern man, from the mosque in brooklyn out to route 70. this is a half a mile -- half an hour north of the hamptons. and there's a shooting range. it's like a sand bar -- not a sand bar but a sand pit. a lot of law enforcement guys use it. over four weekends they photograph them hiring ak47 and
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other weaponed. who at that point, ty are all trained by a who was in the north carolina. he's working for unc sam that coming up to new york and training the terrorists in all kind of undercover techniques. okay? now go back to the timeline. we're now at the certain point further. i'm going to ristrict your jaws will start lowering. the story itself and the timeline begins in 1981. sadat had made peace with israel, and some army troops, they were having the troop flay, he was on the stage watching troops go back. and these radical units that the ali was a member of, but he happened not to be there that day, they jump off the truck and
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shoot him down in cold blood. the leader says i have killed the pharaoh. one of the several people locked up, dr. ayman. when you see these video broadcast from al qaeda that keep showing up, he's the number two man in al qaeda. a little buy with a beard, spectacles. he is from a wealthy egyptian family. one of his grandfathers was an ambassador, and the otheras the oldest university in the arab world. he was the head of what was called the egyptian islamic jihad. you see the picture of him? every night they would have a press conference. because he spoke english,e
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became the spokesman. he became a hero in egypt on the radical part of the egyptian brotherhood. and he then adopted this guy. when ali got thrown out, he becomes looking for a guy that will ba spy for the movemt. and he continues and sends him first to work for egypt air. he's thrown out of the egyptian military, gets a job at egypt air. what does he do from? studies the measures of a major airline, andearns all the tricks. then we have the bombing in the spring. like in a truck bomb tt mirrored that wld happen later. and then in october the tragic marine barracks bombing. these beautiful boys in the morning were destroyed in sunday morning by the bb. and then the kidnapping of the
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cia thatas tortureed in hezbollah. so ali approaches them. he supposedly blows his cover. and he gets on the watch list. gets on the twa flight. linda sanchez, meets her, ends up i their home. he has another young egyptian that he adopts. all of them are egyptians. everybody aund bin laden is an egyptian in the story and the high hierarchies of al qaeda. so this becomes gofer. now, his capta, anderson, later said when we did an interview, i
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>> that just doesn't happen. but it happened. all right. now at the time we're fighting this war in afghanist. did anybody see charley wilson war? that was the good war. we were fightg the evil empire. we were giving $3 billion in the cia. we were called the freedom fighters. one of them wasin laden and ali mohamed left. and brought back two belts from soviet forces. that's nuts that he becames wards. and while he's in an active duty in a war we're not supposed to be in. i agree one military guy would be like. why wn't he court marshaled? okay. so that war, however, raised
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millions of dollars for the mosque the blind shake had mosque. this little third story mosque. and the one in brooklyn. that's the mosquthat they followed the guysrom 20 years ago four weekends in july. those are the guys they photograph. now look at these men. the men in upper right corner, redheaded, and those of you at home follow along in your timeline guide. he was 6'2", he called him redheaded. they made fun of him saying he had some christian blood. those guys were not only going to show up multiple times, they helped build the bomb, they were convicted later. this guy, the second guy in from
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the bottom of the glasses, he sulied the bottom also convicted. this other guy, rodney, the american black muslim, he was convicted. and all of them were trained by aliohamed. but now, the first blood spilled by al qaeda on american soil was spilled by this guy. did i say egyptian? yes. he's working at the janitor in the court building welcome like the one in law and order that you see on tv. he's shooting a nickel plated .357 magnum. i'm not sur photographed by the f. you see in the red, that's a picture of him. again, egyptian, egyptian. the blind shake arrives in july of 1990. this is a year after the fbi has all these guys on surillance.
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he's a world lear at than point. he has radical views. he's so radical she's thrown out because he believes there should be no arabs living in israel. he maybe radical but nobody deserves to die. okay? certainly not at the hands of an assassins. he's wearing a hat, and gunne him down. that's a shot that i got from shannon taylor, he was an eyewitness. very few people have that photo. two ambulances rush, looking for the car the getaway car the reeaded guy is supposed to be driving. he runs down, there's a postal inspector, and there's a gun battle and he's shot.
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twombulances rush, the rabbi guys, he lives. okay. that night they are arrested at this his in cliff side park. they arehe getaway drivers. the fbi brings 47 boxes of evidence, including pictures of the world trade center, arabic writing to talk about we have to take down the high world buildings, the pillars of their strength. if they had a red flashing neon light, it couldn't have been more obvious. also they found top secret memos. this memo shows the location of every single navy seal and green beret unit. the russians would have paid $1 million at the height of the world war. that's his arabic writing.
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look at that. joint chiefs of staff, he's stealing this stuff and giving it to these terrorists in new york. okay. guess what? they try h as a loan gunman. they let the others go. they shuffs the evidence back and forth ultimately, there's no federal prosecution of this crime which is clearly the first blood spilled by al qaeda on american soil. now there's another egyptian, egyptian, i have nothing against thpeople of egypt. i'm just talking about this focus. another egyptian, he has been at is mosque in brooklyn for years. d he has been a cohort of the man who founded, basicly founded the network to fund raise. there's a guy name whitey. and these named sound
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colicated. he's a convert to islam. suddenly, he's afraid. the blind shake is threatening him now for reasons that are too complicated to mention. he's afraid. he calls mohamed and says get me out of here. send me back togypt. see the participant, he'sound in his participant. it's inevitable. don't worry. that's patrick fitzgeral becauseou look like an fbi agent. if you're not you shoul be. anyway, his house in brooklyn, they find him beat to dth. stabbed, and bloody, he's dead, okay? suffice it to say, he's gone. he takes over all of the money in the office.
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the fbi is left in ruins. wadih who you will see show up, he happens to be in new york that weekend. he visits the killer in jail. when i started this, where is the fbi? there was 45 pages of transcript. that's how i began. i read every single book on the subject. i read all of the open-soce articles on 9/11. and i created a database. it's up to like 70 volumes today. three inches thick. my daughters are helping me file them. that poddy of work. i created a little file using file maker, google, and a mac. began to put iniles and i
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began to conduct the dots. not a word on what i'm about to te you about in the space trade in a second. okay. how he's an informant for the fbi. the mosque that i told you about, when he was prosecuted what they cald a day of terror plot in 1995, they called this the jersey jihad office. he used to come up and give training sessions. they used to teach him how to clean weapons and everything. see the mosque? okay. now nancy floyd who is one of the heroic good people. of all of the villains and the negligence, there was some heroic fbi ages. with the red hair, in texas, a pistol of a women if there ever was one, she'sorking russian foreign counterrer intelligence.
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trying to get the guys in the u.n., the russians, and she was going around to hotels to see if they were behaving. and she- this is her mentor. a hero, one of the first guys ever to get an fbbadge from a green having come in to america as a immigrant. she goes and recruits this good egyptian army officer. he's a true patriot. and he's -- he's got a desk clerk job. she comes in and meets him. he's making $500 a week. he finally does a few job for her. there is a man i the city more dangerous than the worst kgb, and she said who? and she starts to write it down rah -- he's in a nest of vipers
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in jersey city. that's what he called this mechanic. she goe to his boss and he's willing to risk for the salary he's making now. can we do it? they give him a couple of weeks. he does it in two days. see, that's a "new york times" photo. before you know, he's walking around, driving him in a wired van. the fbi now has a guy, a real loyal asset inside of this al eda cell in new yk. okay? now see how nancy has recruited this guy. by the way, there are two guys in minute, the two agents are supposedo be watching him are never and. nancy meets him every night at tgi friday, typed it, go backs, and working russians. she's doi double duty. the plot that is going on at that points called the 12
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jewish locations. having been convicted of murder but gun charges. okay? he has a cousin and meeting with him like he's a terrorist and giving him bogus fuses. so hampton-el, the guy from t surveillance, lou and john, the nypd cop, the special agent there on the jont terrorism. they are the ones supervisioned to beonitoring with them. he not wearing a wire. you have to talk every night and down load this stuff or else you'll forget it; right? nancy is coming into the tgi friday and doing double duties. she's typing up the essentials
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-- serial reports. now carson dunbar, he has worked his way up. he's the paper guy, the administrative guy. what do they make him the head of? joint terrorist task force. no experience wtsoer. he suddenly is threatened by nancy floyd's strength he called salem, come into my office. he reportedly, according to the sources, he has his shoes off, younow what shoes can do to a muslim as you recently found out, president bush i think found out. and anyway, the point is you have to wear a wire. he says i'm not wearing a wire. i'm sleeping on the floor. basically, that's it. so salem withdraws. now the fbi loses his eyes and ears.
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and what does he do? calls pakistan and gets ahead of them, and rahman comes in with an terrorists. here's how they get in, september of '92. he has a suitcase full of bomb books, recipes, he has passports, swedish with his picture pasted on with scotch tape. meant to be busted. rahman slips in behind him and goes with a women. did you know how many times women almost stop this? another female ihs, these guy came in. he claims he's an iraqi refugee. and the bass says, look welcome -- boss says look, we just gave it to the other nut case.
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i'm sor. she stamps and it t mozart of terror who she gets in and all of the guys that were on the surveillance. what do they find by the way? he's carrying a book. and in arabic wring it says the basic rule. no one every translated that. you know what the basic rule meant? the base, it mns al qaeda. all of the guys that became to fight copied all of their names down, got itrom the philippines, and they dispersed after the war. that database of brothers willing to die for allah become al qaeda.
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understand, and this guy has a book that says al qaeda. in 1992. now he's in jersey city in a bomb factory. he is building this nitrate device. okay? 1500 pound bomb. he wts to knock tower one into tower two. he wan a hiroshima-like event. now they are building this thing. salem, the good guythey game m a couple of months to find a new job. he meets nancy at subway sandwich shop, one of my favorite venues. she gives him the last $5p. d he says nancy, there's somebody in town. there's something going on. i had to back away.
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he told the broths that fbi was watchin him. what is it? i'm telling you something going on. just do me a favor and follow thostwo guys. and they will ld you to whatever. he says, you don't understand, i have no credibility, he won't talk to me. i'll pass it up, but don't, you know. he says nancy, the last thing he says to her, by the way, i would to remind you, just s we can -- photographed by the fbi in '89, arrested by them in '90, then they followed him. they used to joke that they woul lead two ages u into connecticut and just lose them. they subpoenaed these guys to come down. right after they came into town. we are subpoenaing you. these guys are going like this to the fbi.
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yeah, sure. okay? now he say what does he say? if you do not follow these men, don't call me when the bombs, plural, go off. what happened? by the way, february 6,1993. lou, how come you didn't follow them? he got a warrant and searched his house once. now understand what he's doing here. he's making cell phone calls from the world trade center pay phones sveillance to a pay phone right in front of the bomb facty. all he had to do was get a warrant who they had. he would have led them right to ramsey. he was photographed at atms.
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he had three section actio one time he gets in the hospital ordering chemicals from a bomb from a bogus pay card in from his hospital room. i can't tell you hisible these guys were. peter, we couldn't follow them because they beat me to new york. i said what? they went to new jersey, across the hudson river. don't you watch the sopraninos, you're the feds. that's absurd. people close to nancy floyd, they had all kinds of offes. what happened was that dunbar wouldn't approve the surveillance of these guys? if he would have, they would have right in the middle of the world trade bombing conspiracy. okay? now i say, i've already told you how visible these guys were. in fact, by the way at one
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point, he's up in federal prison in new york, and he gets on a phone from new york, and he calls on a pay phone. remember when the bomb books you brought in, i need to refer to one of those. i'm building the bomb. he says, well, you know, i'll make a motion to get the books. he makes a motion, and the federal judge grants the motion. he's a terrorists, your honor. that's okay. finally because the books were in the custody, they didn't go after the books. but nonetheless, they talked about it. why weren't they tapping t phone calls from the prison? you don' need a warnt to do that! okay. now the red living opening in new jersey with wife and five kids in the same complex as his brother. how many 6 foot, redheaded
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egyptians can be in the same place? just before they did the bombing, he typed on his computer, they call i the fifth battalion army. that's what they call it. and they mailed these letter as they left the trade center that day. february 26. you will see how only by misplacing the bomb, not because of the power, blue through four floors literally went down. if he had put that bomb against the bathtub wall, the entire hudson river would have flooded manhattan. just through an act of god did he put the bomb in the wrong place. he's sitting overatching the smoke, angry that he didn't put the bomb in the wrong place. does the fbi lok down the aiort? no, they are saying serbian
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terrorists. i want you to do a new threat letter. by the way, he is a free player in this story. that's a picture he took with his own camera. see that? that's the edge of the b2 level looking down into the pit. okay. ramsey calls. this is a revelation i had in this back. very few other authors have this. on the fbi uithin one week finds this note on this compute our calculations were not very accurate this time. however, we promise you the next time it will be very precise, and the trade center will be one of our targets. and the fbi had this within days in 1993. did you know about it? of course not. you are in public. it takes reports like me to try and find this sff. because you're in the going to get it in a press rease. back to the timeline.
2:49 pm those of you who are still awake, reading, following along, go back to the timeline. i'm going to tell you the story. this is one of the most asnishing revelations that i have in triple cross. and i came across this because remember, i had 45,000 pages of transcript. those are on disk. they were kind ofasy. because i can search them. the staircase was by the manhattan d.a.. i worked in the office. and great d.a. is retiring this year. now that office, i had to get three stenographers to come down. i'm reading the transipt. he says he has a mailbox store. he has a mailbox store at this check cashing place. i go kennedy boulevard. isn't that where the mosque is? that's dot number one. the fact that this trading on kennedy boulevard, the killer of
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a world figure has a mailbox. in 1994, patrick fitzgerald, who we will get back to in a minute, they are now trying what's called a day of terror case. i have to do a small one ere. the night of the trade cente bombing, they are sitting inhe office of jim fox, the assistant director in charge. and mary jo white, the facie attorney, she's pacing back and forth. a terrorist book has gone off. what are we going to do? we had a guy inside -- what she stopped. you had a guy inside the cell that you think is responsible for this. yeah, this guy. yeah. we had him inside. get him in here. tomorrow. tonight. where is he? you know, he's probably going to want $1 million because we
2:51 pm
didn't treat this guy well. i don care what it cost, get him in here. guess what they paid $1.5 million to do what he was doing for $500 a week. he set up a sting and they nailed the blind shake and 11 others in this plot. patrick fitzgerald was the prosecutor. that's what i call for failing to stop. and why is that important? you're going to hear in a few minutes. you'll under why that case happened. so mccarthy and fitzgerald, they have a list. who's on the list? bin laden, the brother-in-law, and ali mohamed as i told you
2:52 pm
was an fbi informant. now at the time if you will control in fresno is a guy named john send who is involved in the murder case involving the ewells family. he literally hired a guy to kill his entire family in cold blood. it's a very famous case. see him being locked up. okay. john interfered with the police investigation. and then later, years later, literally was a character witness. and dana of course was convicted. he just missed getting the death penalty. an this fbi agent who is suppos to be controlling ali, his daughter the fiance for the filler and he vagues for the guy. that tells you something. he's supposed to be making sure he's on the straight and narrow. okay. that's his daughter.
2:53 pm
okay. now, i didn't gi you the whole payoff. let me go back. you'll understand the payoff when i get to it. on this list, mrs. a name wahid, he's the cofoundfounder of sphinx tradi. they put him on a list. i'll get to the third dot in a minute. okay guys? ali mohamed, the system worked. he's trying to bring this guy in from vancouver. he's the great mountains. you know? they grab him. the system works. they put him in a room, they sweat him for like 12 hours. finally he says call this guy. he gives him the phone number of john. where does he go? kenya, where he starts to take
2:54 pm
the pictures for the african embassy bombing. the bombing go up five years later. he wouldn't have even been released if the fbi control agent hadn't vouched for him. these question are as old as fbi, what did they know and when? he's such a k figure. he moves bin laden entire enter rouge, he trains the personal bodyguard. he's an idea. he writes and translates most of al qaeda manual that showed up in manchester england. okay? now we have 1994 when he's with bin laden in khartoum. they are going to -- well, first
2:55 pm
of all, they are going to try to kill the pope. let me go forward. the three plots. ey are going to kill the pope. they are going to put bombs along his parade route. they are like 50-people deep. the second plot, which i'll get to in a second is called bojinka, which mea big noise. he comes up with this idea. we're gng to plant expolicive devices. we're going to get on board of the first leg. let's say united flight. we'll put the bom together. we'll put it above the center field tank. we'll use the bombs like a blasting cap. then of course we'll get off before that. it's not a suicide plot.
2:56 pm
and of course the pacific times 12 these bombs are going to go off. okay? that was called bojinka. now the third plot was the 9/11 plot. and you see in december( rsey did what's called a wet test. you see in the corner, aicture of a casio watch. he did the test on the flight 434 and put the bomb, this guy is a genius. remember the world trade center? he put the bomb three feet below and gets off. now the flight is on its wayo japan. over the china sea. blows a hole. kills the pooi know national. now the now and the plane is landed by the pilot. but they now know all we have to do is push it forward and blow
2:57 pm
the planes. that'she plot 2. now the night of january 5th, they are looking chemicals. who's in the crew? ramsey, abdul, mohammed, the uncle, and they have this smoke incident. in fact, this women, remember i kept telling you how many times women almost got this plo she's sleeping. she's one of the mos decorateed police. they sleep at fight. she sees it, she sends a young p. they are just playing with fire crackers. no, we're going back. she knew what was comin she heard there was issues in theouth wh islamic terrorism. she's posing me showing me how he was starting to walk back in. ramsey wisely hiding in the
2:58 pm
shadows, and they gap her and said come with us. and he shoots the crook. and the young cop bends down and takes the sho shoots one right past his ear. god did not have the tie toon -- i love this women. anyway. they grabbed him, slammed him against the gall. 2,000 checks. that is a year salary from many people. what do you have upstairs in this is an honest women. she goes up and her jaw drops because she bombs, pipe bombs, skin die, hair die, con contact lenses so they can pose for the pope plot, all of these things. she freeses. half of the philippinesational police shows up. they grab him and the uncle are across the street. they withdraw and escape where
2:59 pm
ramsey is captured a month later. the idea is that the guy, the nut case terrorists, trained in four u.s. flight schools from '91 to '92. this is important. he was going t be the lead pilot on the third plot. i told you about the pope, and bojinka, third plot was 9/11. it was conceived as hijacked airline and fly them into building. he was an international pilot, and he was captured. one of the most honest and heroic men. and i interviewed inform 1990 and 2002. :
3:00 pm
clearly showi the fbi got the information. in 1995. read my timeline, read my book. i didn't know about the white house. that was a separate target when i wrote my book. the ville -- the bill gates of the philippines, and two meetings with him, he came to santa barbara and told me the entire plot, everythin i am telling you, the twentieth
3:01 pm
hicker told everybody his target was the white house. how did they get him, the old-fashioned way, a south african dropped a dime on islamabad. what happened to his uncle. brad garrett, later got credit for capturing him, he showed up late. the are only 20 roomsn his guest house. ey find to smuggled planes on to bombs. he is not ging up. they grabbed him, a guy named sheik hangs arou lon enough to be interviewed by a string airtime magazine. i made that revelation in the santa barbara library, they had to call security, i couldn't believe it. he gave an interview to time
3:02 pm
magazine, a pakistani businessman hanging around long enough before the fbi shows up to give an interview, he is the mastermind of 9/11, t an fbi agent took credit for capturing him. he is captured, taken back to america. back to the timeline, 1995, i am going to go through ts very quickly, the brother-in-law of osama bin lade i told you how the system worcs. this guy is coming up to steve emerson in northern california. they love apple products. he has a d d a full of information on the new york cell, he has -- he is called a rrorist in a memo from a guy in a state department.
3:03 pm
rren christopher, the secretary of state and the deputy attorney general literally pushed this guy out of the country. the jordanians have him convicted of a murder case. what motive for him to talk to an american. he has a death sentence in jordan. he is osama bin laden's brother-in-law. even if you argue the was not much knowledge about him, still, all right? he is heading back to manila. on.y have a fire in manila going nnect the dots! warren christopher says we should get rid of him, they basically move this guy out of the countr the witness recants, this case is dismissed, he ns a seafood restaurant and was recently murdered. of wonder why. the man who knew the secret. during this extradition period, jamie comes up with a memo which
3:04 pm
he admitted was not legally necessary, which separated the fbi agents investigating future acts of terror from criminal agents, taking two parts of the brain of the fbi a part. it is blamed by fitzgerald and othe after 9/11. no menti of one of the ten 9/11 commissioners. it couple more things. i'm going to mforward. 1995. this is an early picture, he is smuggled into america and raises money. at the height of world war ii, ifeinrich demler, if a german sphad smuggled him, of the had guys in the third reich into america at the height of world
3:05 pm
war ii, he did this, what a guy. not trying to say i admire the guy, how does the fbi miss this? , in a jail cell, in the middle of the jail so, greg scarpa jr. senior was that, the right notes cruel holes in the wall. i have dozens of these memos you can down load. this is a schematic of the watch used in the corner. this is now made. one of these guys getting this
3:06 pm
-- camera to photograph, they set up a front company. they make outside calls. is really the fbi, that is how serious, this is 11 months. we are talking about the same thing. who is present? who knows about this initiative? patrick fitzgerald, the co head of crime, dietrich snell is the coprosecutor, one of the guys, got the material from camp kramer, a dress for an envelope, through the southern district, he clearly got this evidence,
3:07 pm
the diplomatic security agents. valerie, is running criminal cases in brooklyn. baldies fbi people descre an active al qaeda so. is a plot to blow up a plane, there's a link between al qaed and the towers bombing, very important evidence. august 11th, aruba the plot blow up planes, that is the reason you can't -- wre is my bag of stuff you can't carry? the new york times article, they talk about a mirror image of
3:08 pm
this plot. they talk about acetone peroxide. he talks about how to blow up the plane, talks about in this memo. the central ingredient in the bond ten years later the al qaeda boys in england were going to use. that is how important this evidence was in 1996. if you click on the playboy bunny, you will see an article i wrote this week or two weeks ago, the killing everything i'm telling you because it is complicated. i don't want to pretend you can just read the headlines. it is a complicated story. the current wise guy is helping the country in defeating terrorists. this is his father, one of the most bloodthirsty killers in the
3:09 pm
history of the mob. these brutal, the father, he has been an fbi informant 61962. he only did 30 days in 40 years in prison. the bureau gave him a pass repeatedly. this guy on the right, mr. organized crime, senior organized-crime agent, a key witness in rudy guiliani's commissioning case, he is a legend in the bureau. later, during this period, over here, a bunch of mob cases in brooklyn that involve two things. the old man's testimony and the testimony of an expert wiess. if he is discredited, this kid
3:10 pm
who is helping the government, is going to later testify that my dad was in for rough relationship and four fbi agents ratted him out, they start an internal affairs investigation the size of a phone book. what does this fbi agent to? he takes the fifth amendment. he refuses up polygraph test. later, after years granted immuniti he says i don't recall, 66 times. if you and i were granted immunity andaid i don't recall once commuted to jaifor contempt. that is why they give you imnity, you are supposed to cooperate. the fbi is worried these mob cases are going tgo down if he talks about his father in this relationship. in my opinion, this is a memo to lewis free, though a new york office of the fbi, he talks about the failure of the fbi to
3:11 pm
rack this investigation up, this is casting a cloud over the new york office, threatening a series of cases in the eastern district of brooklyn, basically telling him to shut it down. guess what happens? they shut it down, despite all of this incredible treasure trove of evidence, 11 months treasure trove called a hoax and a scam. the fbi and fed come up with a story that it is a fabrication. they have been getting it for 11 mont and they call a hoax or a scam. he admits three murder plots, why would he give this to the fed's, and a guy with the tenth grade education does a schematic of a bomb like that, this material is self authenticating. how can it be a hoax and a scam? that is the story they came up
3:12 pm
with. 40 years for a violation. sandy killed 19 people and got five years, this guy wasn't convicted of one murder, the worst federal jail in america. this is closed, the full pension, he takes the fifth, i don't recall, patrick fitzgerald is head of organized crime and terrorism, principal officl in the southern district that goes along with this discrediting of the evidence. if you lk at the appendix of is book which i hope some of you will die today, i am not doing this for book sale, but because i believe in this. if you look on page 590 of this book, there is an appendix. you have got it in your hands this is the six page sworn affirmation under penalty of perjury by patrick fitzgerald in which he says we originally thought the materials were genuine, but we later found out
3:13 pm
they were a fabrication, and our principal source is someone named john appleby. this is sworn under penalty of perjury. do you see? under penalty of perjury. he is saying this is a hoax and a scam. john napoli is on the year with greg scarpa jr. months after this was started. he shows up in the summit. i interviewed john from prison, it was hysterical. when i askedhim, did you tell the fed that this was a hoax and scam, in no uncertain terms, he asked me to lie about mob case but when it came to that stuff, risking his life, 100%, never told the fed's they were lying. patrick fitzgerald, i am not saying he knew because i can't get into his mind, but vanity
3:14 pm
fair cled him the osama bin laden brain, scary, smart, intelligent, patrick fitzgerald sis an affirmation in 1999 spreading this evidence. okay. all right. get a little sense of why you might not want to have thi book seehe light of day? why should we care? by 1996, the embassy bombing plot, fitzgerald, from january on, the pulitzer prize, he talks about 49 only doesn't tell half the story. god bless him. maybe i will win a pulitzer prize, it is doubtful. he tells halof the story. his story is i am critical of this squad. patrick fitzgerald is running, dan coleman, these guys in this squad, i told you he was
3:15 pm
extradited to jordan. he is tryin to get an indictment of osama bin laden which is a valid purpose. in the fall of 1997, this guy, a junior, no picture of him, he walks into an embassy in africa and gives himself up, he embezzled $100,000 from osama bin laden, he said you can live that you have to pay at off. he walked into an embassy, gave himself. i told you about the mob in brooklyn, this guy went all the way back in 1988, he was -- he takes the whole story back to brooyn, that shows our al qaeda have a presence in new york. patrick fitzgerald knows that. they drief him in 1996. he fights in afghanistan in
3:16 pm
1988. he swears an oath. he works -- mohamad supports the embassy bombing plot. august of 1997. :what does he find? he finds muhamed evidence, that he is interacting with this so. he meets patrick fitzgerald, a general in the war on terror, metaphorically speaking, he flies to sacramento. he said i love osama bin laden. the has a bunch of sleepers that can make operional at any time and he goes like this and walk out on patrick fitzgerald. the audacity of this guy. figerald turns and says he the most dangerous man i have ever met. we canno let this man on the streets and that is what he did. left to ministry for ten months only to have the bombs go up, he
3:17 pm
not only began in 1993 but litelly was one of the principal practitioners. 224 dead, 4 thousands injured, took a month to arrest him, september 10, 1998. they cut a deal with pet tricks with sterile to avoid the death penalty. he is in custody witness protection somewhere. nobody outside the federal government knows where this guy is. when you cut the deal with the witness you get something in return. say gets five years, he is the star witness in the mob cases. mohamad is never called by patrick fitzgerald. the most important case of his career. imagine, if they had called him and defense attorneys had peeled back the layers the way i have done in this book, how many
3:18 pm
months before 9/11? maybe somebody would have connected got. a week after 9/11, he writes out jack clinton flies to new york, they bring him up from florida, he writes out the whole pt. did he know? he had to know. he wasn osama bin laden's house. he had to know the plot because how could he not? the plot began in 19. even if you take the 9/11 commission from the beginning, you had to know. how is it that patrick had a deal with him, and arrested him in 1998 and never got the plot out of him? that is a question i would like to ask if patrick would show up at a for on book tv or in the me anywhere? 9/11 report, they have a very -- the emb bombings as ear as december 1993 came with al qaeda operatives chang targets in
3:19 pm
nairobi and led by mohammad, rmer egyptian army officer who led the u.s. in the 80s, and this is in the ay and became an instructor at fort bragg, provided guidance to trading to extremists including some o are subsequently convicted in 1993 attack on the world trade center. it also included a computer expert written up for review against al qaeda leaders. there's not much more in the 9/11 record. none of what i hav told you, none of his meetings with fitzgerald, none of that is in the 9/11 report. wh should we care? was it presentable? here is the point. remember the little story i told you, i will give you the third. in 1991, the terror gup, september 1999, fire marshal who was not only a hero in the fire department, literally had his back broken in a rescue, went
3:20 pm
back to rescue o, became a fire marshal, he was in a military intelligence unit in the army reserve and stioned in the defense analysis center in washington where he had a top-secret clearance. he was stunned watching the fbi negligence. he is in the fire department in 1999 when he finds out there is someonwho has tie to the blind sheik. an accountant who is literally -- this is him. he is on the arm of the blind sheik, absolutely al qaeda at a very high level working as an accountantand heinds out in 1999 that he gs the plans to e world trade center prior to thfirst bombing, they rode out with the blue prints, he didn't
3:21 pm
show up that day. he goes to the joint terrorism task force, basically blows h off. 1999. wh if it had been pursued? located right below the egyptian/egyptian, this is his mosque right down below same building. check, catch, mailbox store. they do money, transfers in the middle east. 1990, this is the certificate of incorporation that i obtained. it shows mohammad -- two names, you see the close-up? egyptian. andrew mccarthy and patrick fitzgerald, the dayf terror cases, that list of 172, he is on the list, 130.
3:22 pm
they considered important enough to put on the list with osama bin laden. that is the second got on the chart. where do you thi two of the 9/11 hijackers got their fake ids in july of 2001, two months before 9/11? from sphx trading where they had mailboxes, these two guys who flew a a 77 into the pentagon. the social cb in little italy, seven years around the clock, they photographed evdry living facility in america that came in and went out of place as well they should have. three times -- finally, t fourth time, they put a spike mike in the apartment of a mafia widow upstairs, they got the teflon diamond. good for the fed's on that one. if they had put 10% of the
3:23 pm
energy into buing the al qaeda and focusin and surveillance that ty put on the social club, the towers would be standing in lower manhattan. that is my opinion. you read my book and decide what you think, you might n agree that i am telling you justify a portion of the energy that you put in going after the mafia into this al qaedaonspacy, they would have been right in the iiddle of this plot two months before 11. the distortion of history, nancy floyd, recruited for then, arguably the most important asset at the time, fuji get a corner office? gee get rewarded? they opened an internal aairs investigation that went on for four years and she was suspended for four weeks and put on the street. when john ller wrote his mous book themselves, that abc use for their 9/11 miniseries, john miller interviewed osama bin laden, stellar reputation,
3:24 pm
never mentioned nancy floyd by name. that is like talking about paul revere without mentioning the horse. when fyd -- lou napoli is one of the heroes, nancy is reduced to the role of an assistance. the lead killer, john is the chief of the fbi. this memo, remember i told you, patrick fitzgerald, where is she? she is general counsel for the fbi, the head lawyer in the fbi, went on to represent elliot spitzer, became the key aide to elliot spitzer and defended him after the fallout over the soaker. patrick fitzgerald is in the u.s. attorney's office in chicago sending letters to kill peter lands's book. chapter v, all the evidence i
3:25 pm
brought to the 9/11 commission when i testified, who did i testify tous? a man who might -- should have been a witness for the mmission. no stenographer, no recording equipment. i so mistrusted him that i said all the evidence i had ended up in the national archives that they reduced everythg said about the plot starting in manila in 1994 to thisfootnote. you know who they cited as the authority for when the plot started two years later? mohamad. that is like asking david berkowitz -- he is theater board, 183times, completely unreliable. robert windham of nbc news recently did a study, quote, more than 1 quarter of all footnotes in the 9/11 report refers to cia interrogates outside operatives, subjected to
3:26 pm
controversial interration techniques. they were tortured, one out of every four footnotes, that is who they are citing as their authority. now, this is my piece that you can get online or go on my web site and download if youant to look at the pictures. the chilling effect, that is what patrick fitzgerald attempted to do in trying to shut this book down. why should we care? because yousef is the reason from 1996 to 1994, you can't carry liquid on planes. he had to take his shoe off because he had batteries for the bomb in the plane. i filed a complaint against patrick fitzgerald, asking if the same internal affairs investigation, nancy floyd was subjected to, my right as a u.s. citizen. we will see itheustice department takes serious
3:27 pm
patrick fitzgerald, censorship this is one of my favorite quotes, from ahony griswd, books won't state and, they won't byrne, ideas won't go to jail. a long run of history that sensor and bng visitor have always loss, the only weapon against bad ideas is better ideas. sunlight is as effective. but we need is a truth commission, we need to bring muhamed out of hiding, put him in front of a joint senate-house intelligence committee, peeled back the layers on the decades of mythology that existed in the fbi, patrick fitzgerald to face me in an open forum, not try to sue me for libel and keep my book from the light of day. let's answer some of these questions. you are a great man, great public figure and public official but you need to be held accountable for your years in the southern district. that is my presentation, but i want to say two quick things.
3:28 pm
ron diedn south florida--the south tower that day, heroically. when they found his remns if he had taken off his coat and put it over people to keep them from t flames. he once said years before when he was desperately trying to get ople to sten, it is about the crusades, we -- they're going to com back to take us. i want this last tribute to walter cronkite. when i was in college i had the benefit and like to go on day and spend a day at the cronkite news, i wrote a speech for my literary magazine, in the northeast center i went to, one of the most important seminal events of my life, watching walter cronkite at close hand, dan rather so many years later on thebs evening news, walter sat in that chair, did two pieces of the 2 consecutive ghts reporting from iraq a my first book, 1 thousanyears
3:29 pm
for revenge, god bless walter cronkite, thank you. the [applause] what is our overall time? we are to two hours? are we ok? could we have some questions from the audience? i don't think it is on. want to switch it on? that will take a minute. talk loud and i will hear you. not really. [inaudible] >> and go with tt. it sounds very credible. but what about the fact that according to richard clarke,
3:30 pm
condoleezza rice was repeatedly warned immediately preceding the attack, that this was going to happen, and she gave him the runaround? >> absolutely. that is reported in my second book which covs the 9/11 commission in detail. i have been critical of the bush ends the also the clinton years because these calls during the clinton administration. i'm an equal opportunity credit which is what people and left and right have embraced my work. and condoleezza rice, the white house and the bush foht against giving the president to daily briefing, to reveal to the public, they repeatedly fought, the 9/11 commission even been conceived, tried to underfun the 9/11 commission. and the executive director, one of the people cherry picking the evidence, was a crony of condoleezza rice to ended working for her afterwards. you make a valid point.
3:31 pm
>> it is hard for me to believe that it doesn't go deeper, that there wasn'telivered involvement on the part of the administration. as evidence for that, what about the fact we had just coincidentally war games going on that involve u.s. jets, jets that would have been scrambled, should have been scrambled, that were diverted. that is quite a coincidence. of all the days for that to be happening, that was happeni on e morning of 9/11. >> i went one step further, i found out the 77 their wing of the new jersey national guard, a comparable wing to the lotus air national guard base, 30 miles away, that showed ula, that was summoned, this air wing at 2 fighter jets in the air doing maneuvers in new jersey, could have easily gone to new york,
3:32 pm
even if he had just suicide bombers into the plane, could have stopped if anybody in the white house had given ahoot down order. but when it comes to the inside job pherae, i am not saying -- i don't subscribe to it but i am open to the truth. why was the tower imploded later in the day. i don't think the two princip towers were but these are important questions. gov. kean found out about that, 177 their wing, and he says we're going to look into this, this is outrageous, new jury she, not a word in the 9/11 commission. there's a brief reference to deactivated norad base, because they deactivated it, it didn't have planes in the sky, i agree with you, every one of these questions needs to be answered. the 9/11 commission was an ablute white wash. paick fitzgerald testified before the 9/11 commission, one of the last justice apartment
3:33 pm
fish oils in june of 2004, 28,000 words stement 280 words, 10% of my hamas, not a word about what i told you tonight about negligence, how he was and what a compelling spy he was. so i agree with this man, we ed that kind of information to come out, we need a true truth commission, not like the senator leahy commission, we need a commission presided by scholars, journalists, 9/11 victims's families, guys like you, people to rd and are concerned and have spoena power and not have anybody on that commission that had anything to do with the intelligence committee in the years leading up to 9/11. next questinn, pase? of the can get that mike workg. john okay. >> if mr. fitzgerald were to agree to meet you at subway in man and and, what questions would you ask him. >> question number 1, why did you leave all the llama on the street for ten months after
3:34 pm
saying he was the most dangerous man i ever met, we can't leave them on the street, why did you could deal with him to avoid the death penalty and not have him testify as a star wiess at t trial, why did the southern district's -- they didn't even mention this, this is amazingly important, i shared how they captured yousef was wanted posters, the tree to million doar reward. like a wild west, wanted posters, reward, someone season, dropped a dime, that is how they got him, they kept secret indictment of callie shake mohamad for years, was indicted in 1996. the southern district mentioned hiname the day he was sentenced in january o2008, the famous new york times front page story, i am a terrorist down proud of it. a huge story,uried, inside job by t new york times. the southern district, against college take mohammad. they buried this at the bottom of the story, why did they keep
3:35 pm
that secret? that is an important question of like to ask patrick fitzgerald. i have atheory, but it is complicated and that wouldn't be able to do justice in the time we hav remaining, but you download the time line or get the book, you will see, you will understa why i feel that way. next question, please? >> have you read the new pearl harbor by dr. david r griffin? >> i have not only read it but drgriffin has my permission to accept significant partsf my work in that book or the next one. as i said, i am not a subscriber of the inside job theory. part of the problem with the inside of theory is it tends to invalidate the validity of al qaeda d the threat that it poses to this country. that is not to say that elements
3:36 pm
of this government, cia, fbi, having helped the mujahdeen dollar and the osa bin laden beach that exists today did not protect him, that is not to say they didn't doultiple acts of cover up in order to protect themselves from embarrassment. all of the things i document in my book are j dropping enough, to bterrified about when it comes to the risk we remain at. one of the most important things, the fbi, in my opinion, has failed to reform. there are 30 arab speaking agents, this many years o of --fter 9/11. none in senior management. they spent -- of paper dven culture. one of the excuses they gave, we had all of this on paper, they spent hundreds of millions in the trogy project to connect the dotq to do what i do, i use
3:37 pm
google. they scrapped that program several years after 9/11 and hired lockheed martin. it won't be operational until next year. is it that an fbi agent with a blackberry, in the name of a suspect, has it instantly go to the fbi files. i suspect one of the reasons they have been so ructant is they don't want to connect the dots. they are afraid what snake will come out if they connect the dots. that is part of the problem. anybody else? >> do you think one of the reasons for a lot of thes
3:38 pm
mistakes is the ac terrorists as differtrom mobsters? they think dhere's a completely weight -- different way to osecute? short a look at mobsters as everyone from the top to the bottom but they seem to let the connection go. >> that is a brilliant question. thank you. the fbi, as we know, who for denied the existence of the law for many years. the famous appalachian meeting that took place in new york, the mobsters jumped out of the farmhouse and had to mid there was an fbi. the bureau took many years and figure out how to st the mafia. nick apology is a friend of mine, he wrote good fellows, casino, of the most formidable journalist and a comes to organized crime and i asked him, if you added up all of the
3:39 pm
collected villainy of organized crime in america from the time of the 20s, the mustachees, murder, inc. five families in new york, the construction industry and all of the many murders of the law banned the death and everything the law is responsible for, the collective impact on america, would it equal anything close to the damage done by al qaeda on 9/11? not even close, not even cle. think about that. two of the greatest buildings in america brght down, the pentagon, the seat of our national security, under attack, 3,000 americans dead, still an unsolved cold case, unsolved mass murder. think of the emphasis, e bureau at number one priority was getting john dmond and they finally got him. what if they had taken to a% or 20% of that energy and focus it
3:40 pm
on the tradi at talked about. you can't argue that some people did that there was stovepipeing, different offices, patrick fitzgerald's title was conehead of organized crime and terrorism. he was the guy in charge of both disciplines. what would it have taken to direct somef those guys who re so brilliant at surveillance work, the guys in long island, what would it ve taken to have them watch? would they have not been -- let's adjust they found these guys got fake ids. that is where the condoleezza rice material comes through. your hair is on fire, the light is blinking red. this intelligence percolating that summer, you take that in conjunction with the fact the two guys are getting fake ids and connect the dots, toomeone who doesn't care if he learned howo land a plane, just wants
3:41 pm
to fly a 747 and the heroic agent screaming at washington, you put that together, don't you think something might have prompted somebody in the fbi to go but our two guys like this doing getting fake ids? anyway. do you have a question? go-ahead. >> to you think that the planes crashed into the twin towers in the manner that it was planned? i heard recently that the towers tipped over and crashed into other buildings, would have been many times worse. i don't know if that would have been feasible if they tried it or if they just wanted -- >> unlike some that subscribe to the theory that they were imploding tension lee,youssek
3:42 pm
was tried for the world trade center -- these towers the pentagon this honeomb structure of steel on the outside and the inside. an inch and a half foam, ironically, a mob guy got the contract, didn't do it, he was later murdered in a completely unrelated incident. they found his body near the world trade center. he sprayed half of the north tower,wice as much on the north tower and half -- that is
3:43 pm
why the north tower was hit first but fell second. the south tower was hit second, not enough fireproof foam, the weight of the gasoline, the fuel, the intenty of the flame brought the towers down. youssef heard this in his trial. having got it wrong the first time, thinking he could not one into the other, this is a brilliant way to imploded hours. that is my theory. as a lot of testimony in his confession. one of the most annoying things is they flew into stewart air base in new york, took him into court, done to the hudson, magic night in new york, the towers were gleaming, they circled the towers, the fiftieth floor, took his hood off, they said they are still standing. their three variations on that story but the one i bieve is ramsay saying they are standing
3:44 pm
for now. justice hand, my greatest privilege as a student at columbia university, to have him as my adviser, had a weekly seminar that was amazing. he introduced me to justice leonard ham, the tenth justice. from a multitude of tons cos the truth. that is the hallmark of my work. i use the shoe leather, investigative journalism techniques, i am open to the truth. anyone with new information fob me, if anything i am wrong on, i am happy to have it pointed o. what patrick fitzgerald attempted to do, for the u.s. official, i am happy to debate him any time and i would love somebody in the house or senate intelligence committee to pull mohammad out of custodial
3:45 pm
witness proction and shined the light on him and hav him ll the truth of all those years the fbi was outgunned by al qaeda. thank you. [applause] >> for more information on peter lance an@ his work, visit >>hat is the best way to secure america? tom ridge take an inside look at the terrorist threat. his tenure as first head of mend security and what led to his resignation, part of a three day book tv weekend tonight on c-span2. >> evan wright, author of "hella nation". >> an anarchist warrior who led the anarchy in the world trade organization protests in seattle in 1999. i flowed him after tt. he was among a group of bck
3:46 pm
clad kids that brought rocks and pieces f debris and smashed windows at starbus and other corporate symbols in seattle to protest globalization. i followed him and his band of merry anarchist's on the road. >> why? >> to g beneath the network news images of the protests. what they did wasy media friendly. they smashed windows, the news cameras were on them and for a week americans were saturated with images of these kids, but nobody really explored to they were or why they were doing it. >> what did yo find? >> i found some of what they did was commendable, they were environmentalist, i also found profoundly disturbing strain of thought in their beliefs.
3:47 pm
they were followers of ted kosinski, the unabomber. they had taken environmentalism to this extreme of and ihumanism. and they believed if returned back the hands of time to a paleolhic era, we would live in paradise. the more time i spent with them, the more i came to believe they were a lunatic fringe. >> how didou connce them to allow you in their lives? >> i find with most subjects that if you approach them and yoare persistent, what i do try to do is give them a voice and i make a promise to them,
3:48 pm
whatever you think of the mainstream media reporters, i will put your words in this piece and i usually keep that promise. people just want their voices to be heard one way or the other. >> in your book, the war against the gatt and other adventures with the lost tribes of america, you get into the livesf several people you call the lost trib of america, what do you mean by that? >> i wrote a book called generation kill, that book was about 20 something marines in iraq, at the beginning of that book i tal about this generation of kids profiled as being america's first disposable generation, product of broken homes. divorce rates shot up in the 70s and i am a product of that time.
3:49 pm
in my work on the military i focusedn 20 somethings, many of them from this new generation of kids, no parents raised them often, this bo, "hella nation," is about that same generation but at home, many of them are lost. there are kids that are profile that went off to become anarchists', kids that went off to bece neonazis, and some brilliant entrepreneur among them that i profile, the internets canc, is a look at america at a time of incdible social upheaval that we are still dealing with, that is what i refer to as the lost tribes. >> how w it you were able to convince the arian nation to include you? >> that took some assistance.
3:50 pm
as a reporter i don't believe in unmasking my identity or telling people i agree with them. escially with a group like the aryans, i talked to reporters before went in, maybe you should tell them you want to join. i didn't want to do that. i hung out around their compound, they turned me back to the gates initially. i hung out, eventually talked to some of these members and what i told them is i don't understand your beliefs, they sound very negative to me, but perhaps you can explain them yourselves. giving them that promise, we will hear your voice, did the trick. eventually i always find that i don't need to editorialized. the readers are smart enough to understand that i am not endorsing these forces by including them in the peace.
3:51 pm
>> before we go to other things, here is $10. >> a very successful hollywood agent who had some personal issues with drugs, he sat out on this voyage of self discovery which took him into the extreme right wing of america where he still resides toda i specificay wrote about him at a time when he went to iraq to make a prowar documentary. >> did that documentary ever reach dtribution? >> pieces of it have been distributed on youtube but it never got picked up by a cable carrier. >> how long did you follow him around? you went for a coqple different yes and different segments of life. >> as a journalist, i prefer a time. i am a great procrastator. that helps that end of it.
3:52 pm
it was a total of two yrs that i would track him and meet with him. i had that luxury because i lived in los angeles at the time and he lived not far from m it was an easy story. >> do you stay in touch with him today? yes. >> what is he doing? >>e has a website, trying to promote pro right winagenda that he believes in sincerely, he has many followers. >> evan wrig, you write in your book that y began a career at hustler magazine after an overdose of sales. what does that mean? >> i began my career during an overdose. as i write in my introduction to my book, i had personal issues myself, i had an alcohol problem as a younger man. when i applied for the job at hostler, i was down and out, i
3:53 pm
was a writer in los angeles with no steady income. i found out about the job but i also at the time had this substancabe problem. when ient into the interview i was so nervous, i so eagerly wanted a job that i took a lot of tax, a great dealf and prescribe drugs, i went into a blackout ithe middle of a job interview and the next day i woke up, the next morning, with a black out. i didn't know what happened. i remembered going in and i had to call the man who interviewed me and ask him what happened in the interview? i didn't put it directly, just checking in, what are you checking in, you're doing here tomorrow, we gave you the job. >> how long did you work at hustler and what did you do there? >> i worked at hustler for larry
3:54 pm
finch publications for three years. i was the entertainment editor, i reviewed foreign films, most importantly i wrote about the industry, the adult film industry base in calornia. i also contributed to our family of other magazines from barely legal to i don't remember the title, fetish magazines. >> did you enjoy your work? >> it is a better job to have had in retrospect because at the time, i had gone to school and studied medieval history, i have sent short stories to the new yorker, they had been rejected, and here i was writing for hustler magazine. i was very depressed about that, buit turned out to be an interesting, good job for me because i got to write about the corn industry, that was an
3:55 pm
entree into the subculture. for all the stupid, grotesque things we did at hustler, the one thing larry flint enabled me to do waso wte critically of things like treatment of performers when they getting hiv. as an inside publication i was able to do that very effectively. ironically i learned a great deal about reporting. >> is there a porn subculture year? >> there is a massive foreign subculture, a huge industry. if i were writing about it today it would be more about the spread of the subculture into the mainstream, because through the internet, it has become a diffent world. >> whose theodore ortiz? >> the ultimate fighter who was the champion of the usc, the ultimate fighting championship
3:56 pm
franchise. i wrote about him, he was e great hope of the but what i like to focus on in the story is there is a common thread, everybody i write about has run away from something and they are attempting to reinvent themselves. i really focused on how he created this image of the ultimate fighter down to his hair color and display the chief. i am fascinated by people reinventing themselves. >> jn mccain referred to, what did he call it? human cock fighting? >> johnccain was the ultimate fighting -- he was going to stamp out in america, he branded it human cock fighting. when i wrote that story, the u.s. c was a fringe thing. it is now more popar, makes more money than pro wrestling.
3:57 pm
it competes with boxing as a money-making sports. >> back to has there for a minute. what would you tell your friends and family were you work? >> i told them i worked at hustler. my father was, at the time, a republican and a lobbyist in washington. my father and i are extremely close. my father, maybe his experience working in washington has made hia little cynical. my book is dedicated to my father. i refer to him -- >> as a comedian. >> yes. the point is the book is dedicated to alan wright, my fat@er, the great sin, realist, and comic genius, something and say about him.
3:58 pm
working in washington, my father was pragmatic enough to understand the role of larry flint in this universe. he thought i was -- it was funny i worked there. >> you won a couple national magazine awards. what did you do in those? >> i won a national magazine award for excellence in reporting, 2003, for the killer of leaf, a series of articles i wrote about marines in iraq, the rolling stones, which the basis of my book, generation kill. i won the lucas book prize for the book generation killed and, given by the columbia school of journalism and harvard. i won another national magazine awar in 2007 for by profile and for me, those laurels, they are
3:59 pm
surprisingly developed for somebody who started at hustler but i take journalism seriously and the respect of colleagues is something i take seriously, something i have to live up to. >> finly, evan wright, who is on the cover of "hella nation" and how did you come up with that title? >> the young man on the cover, i forget his name. i worked for years as the photographer, when i was working at hustler, i met this photographer who was working for a local paper and we sort of rose up toet there. he photographed neonazis, journalistic adventures with me. that is a young man he photographed during ring break in florida. he is not a subject of the book, but he is the type of young man that i wrote about.


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